Nancy Fox Honored with Highest Award in Colorado Long Term Care

By / Posted on October 15th, 2015

Reprinted from Colorado Health Care Association

The highest honor anyone can receive in Colorado long term care is the Vesta Bowden Achievement Award.  This year’s award was presented to Nancy Fox, Chief Life Enhancement Officer with Vivage Quality Health Partners.

Nancy first applied her talents in the 1980s in Texas, including serving as an Administrator at a 120 bed facility, and then leaving to get her associate’s training at Eden in 1996. She was then “lured” to Colorado in 2008 to become Chief Life Enhancement Officer at Vivage where she, amongst other things, led the project development for the Green House Homes at Mirasol, a 60-person skilled nursing community in Loveland, Colorado.

Nancy and ElderNancy has served in numerous capacities with respect to the Colorado Culture Change Coalition, the Pioneer Movement and several association and governmental committees and work groups including being named as the first Executive Director of the Eden Board of Directors.

Anyone who has heard one of her training sessions cannot help to be inspired and empowered to serve our elders in their communities. In her role as a mentor, one of the nominee letters stated that “she has impacted thousands of elders and staff by promoting positive, caring qualities through a person centered care philosophy. This role was recognized in 1999 when she was named as Eden’s first national mentor.

Besides her service on many association and governmental committees, Nancy has authored a book about leadership pathways in culture change; a guide for administrators for person-centered care; another guide, called the Neighborhood Guide which is a 30 module training course for transforming institutional thinking into self-directed working environments that is now taught nationally.

Nancy has gone the extra mile for the elders that we serve by giving freely and generously to them and our profession.

Congratulations Nancy Fox!



Washington County Nursing Home in Colorado Breaks Ground On New Homes

By / Posted on August 7th, 2015

grnd brkg 075grnd brkg 113Congratulations to Washington County Nursing Home! They have recently broken ground on four new Green House homes. They took a moment to celebrate with a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of July.  These Green House homes will be a total replacement of the current county nursing home and provide long term care to residents in Washington County, Colorado.

Washington County celebrated this milestone with a ceremonial groundbreaking at the construction site followed by an outdoor barbecue at the current nursing home. This event brought together many of the supporters who are making these Green House homes a reality including county commissioners, board members, nursing home staff, elders and community members all celebrated together. You can read more about the festivities and the Washington County Nursing Home here.

Grand Opening Celebration Takes Place for Colorado’s First Green House Homes – A Story of Partnership and Vision

By / Posted on October 25th, 2014

The beautiful Rocky Mountains provide a wonderful view for Elders that will live in The Green House Homes at Mirasol in Loveland, Colorado.  That view will only be matched by the person-directed living they will experience in this innovative model of skilled nursing care.  Built on the campus of the Mirasol Senior Living Community, there will be six homes with each including: ten private bedrooms and bath, open kitchen, a hearth area along with a variety of other open spaces that will embrace socializing and the ability to live life in a meaningful way.

Sam Betters, Executive Director of the Loveland Housing Authority, said,

From my own personal experience of trying to provide the best care for my parents, I discovered that aging in America presents many challenges.  I knew that there had to be a better option than the traditional institutional models for elder care.  There is.  It’s called The Green House Project.  As we began our vision-quest, we didn’t know how we were going to make this happen.  We just knew it had to be done.

Senior Director for The Green House Project, David Farrell, was on hand for the festivities on October 21st along with a number of other state and local leaders in Colorado.

David said, “These homes will help the Loveland Housing Authority meet a gap in its continuum of care-skilled nursing and allow Mirasol residents to remain a part of their existing community, deriving the benefits of receiving a higher level of care while still living independent and social lives.”

The Green House Project is part of Capital Impact Partners, a certified community development financial institution, which led the financing for this $17 million dollar project.

As a mission driven lender, this project fits well into our larger strategy to build strong, vibrant communities of opportunity for underserved populations. We are not only proud to help bring the Green House model to Colorado, but also the fact that a large percentage of the residents are Medicaid eligible,

said Terry Simonette, CEO of Capital Impact Partners. “It took a number of partners, and use of innovative tools like New Market Tax Credits to make this happen.”

Funding for the project included:  $2 million dollar grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, program related investments from the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $2.5 million New Market Tax Credits, $3.4 million in tax credit equity from JPMorgan Chase plus a land donation by the Loveland Housing Authority.

We congratulate all who helped in the process of making these homes possible…and welcome everyone to the Green House family!

Click here to read more about this project and why leaders from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and the AARP Foundation were most pleased to make this development a reality!

Financing and Collaboration Brings Green House homes to Colorado

By / Posted on November 26th, 2013

It was a beautiful day in Loveland, Colorado for the historic groundbreaking ceremony of the first Green House homes in Colorado. The skies were clear and the beautiful Rocky Mountains provided a breathtaking view in the background. This Green House project is the result of a collaboration between Loveland Housing Authority and Vivage Quality Health Care Partners.  These innovative groups worked with NCB Capital Impact, AARP foundation, The Weinberg Foundation and many other sources of financing to bring this project to life for low income elders:

A $16 million project takes a significant numbers of financial partners, as well as time. Nearly four years in the works, financing for the project includes New Market Tax Credits, $584,000 in fee waivers from the city of Loveland, $2.6 million from the Colorado State Division of Housing and a $2 million grant from Maryland-based nonprofit The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

Local residents were an integral part of planning the groundbreaking ceremony.  The Reporter-Herald covered this collaborative event, “”The goal is to create rampant normalcy where people can feel at home,” said Nancy Fox, the chief life enhancement officer for Vivage Quality Heath Care Partners.
The program was kicked off by Sam Betters, Executive director of the Loveland Housing Authority. He shared the trials and successes of the long four year journey that led to securing financing for this important project, “It takes a lot of people to make this work, and we do this to meet the community’s needs,” Betters said Tuesday in remarks before a crowd Mirasol residents, local officials and a wide-range of partners.”  The determined spirit and “can do” attitude was palpable throughout the ceremony.

Next Sue Mendenhall, the Resident Ambassador of Mirasol Senior Living Community described The Green House Project as “breathtaking in its innovation.”  Major Cecil Gutierrez from the City of Loveland described Loveland as “one of the most innovative and creative cities demonstrated by art and projects the Loveland Housing Authority has come up with.”

“You are bringing something amazing to your state,” The Green House Project Chief Operating Operator Susan Frazier told the crowd. “You are becoming a part of something that is so much bigger than yourself.”

There are currently Green House projects in 25 states, with many more in development.

Mirasol Green House Homes, Loveland, CO

By / Posted on December 19th, 2012

Mirasol Green House Homes, Loveland, CO
Operating: 0
In development: 6 Individual Homes
Square Feet per Home: 7800

Description: This Green House Project is the third Phase of a 25 acre development created by the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland.  The Green House homes occupy approximately five (5) acres of the Mirasol Senior Community and provide a continuum of housing opportunities for seniors. The Mirasol Senior Community is an “affordable” development offering apartment rentals, duplex rentals, and single family home ownership to those individuals 55+ who wish to thrive in an exciting and dynamic environment. The Green House Project completes the last piece of the housing continuum by offering a home to elders who require more assistance with their everyday lives.

The Mirasol Community residents are supported by a centrally located Event Center offering programs and services to all subscribing residents. The Event Center provides an exercise room and physical conditioning classes, a coffee bistro with continental breakfast, life enhancing seminars through various senior service organizations, a computer/copier/fax center, a small conference room, and a hair styling salon. Additional senior programming provided to the residents includes a variety of social events, special day trips and outings, transportation for shopping and medical appointments, and a full time staff available to assist any senior resident with life’s challenges.

Organization History
As the developer of Mirasol, the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland has created a strong partnership with Vivage Quality Health Partner, a nationally-recognized long-term care management company with a 32-year history of successfully managing elder care homes in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest areas. With the Housing Authority’s extensive experience constructing and managing over 1200 affordable housing units and Vivage’s commitment to The Green House principals of care, The Green House homes on the Mirasol Senior Campus become an integrated part of the Community’s mission and elder housing.

Consisting of six (6) Green House homes, each with 10 bedrooms, the Mirasol Green House homes provide over 46,800 total square feet of living space. The resident elders enjoy the comfort of the latest in energy conservation technologies and environmentally clean air as each home has been designed to incorporate some of the most advanced products available in today’s market.  Additionally, the Mirasol campus provides a comforting environment for elders with a significant amount of outdoor space and access to over two miles of wheel chair accessible trails.

 The partnership with Vivage not only guarantees the elders an incredible living space, but ensures their care will be provided by some of the most dedicated and committed staff members in the country. The Vivage staff has adopted the concept of The Green House principals and provides management and staffing to more than 1,800 elders throughout the Rocky Mountain States. Their senior staff is highly engaged with other professionals throughout the United States and continuously works toward enhancing the care and programs offered to elders. Key to the success of Mirasol Green House plan is the Vivage staff constantly evaluating their work to improve and supported by an extensive training and career development program. The Vivage staff “integrates” into each home and provides both physical and mental support to their elders.

Financing for the development of this “affordable” Green House Project requires a variety of public and private resources. The underlining financial instrument is New Market Tax Credits offered through the Internal Revenue Service as a means to encourage a combination of residential and commercial/institutional development. But in order to provide for delivery of “affordable” care, a strong partnership needs to be created matching public grants from the State of Colorado, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, and the City of Loveland with private philanthropic funds available from corporate sponsorships committed to providing Green House modeled care. It is only through this combination of funding sources that the Housing Authority is able to offer such high quality affordable housing and services to the most deserving members of our community and deliver on our mission – “To provide quality care, compassionately respectfully, for individuals living in our homes. We are dedicated to working together with them, their families, our communities, and our staff, to provide a nurturing environment.”

For More Information About the Mirasol Green House Homes & Senior Community:

Moofie Miller, Director of Housing
(970) 635-5935
The Housing Authority of the City of Loveland
Loveland, Colorado 80538

Washington County Nursing Home

By / Posted on July 21st, 2011

Akron, CO

Operating: 0
In development: 3
Square Feet per Home: 0

This Green House project will replace the existing nursing home, which is licensed for 34. Four homes will be built in the town of Akron, CO (site yet to be determined).