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The Green House Project Blog

Reflections: The First Two Weeks as Director of The Green House Project

Dear Culture Change Community,

As many know, I’ve joined The Green House Project and I am privileged to be a part of The Green House team and Peer Network of adopters. The leaders who have adopted and fully integrated this evidence-based Green House Model represent the innovators in our field. I believe that they represent the unique top 2% who “believed it so they could see it.” For most, “seeing is believing.” But for the pioneers of this movement, this was not always an option, they had to see the vision in their hearts and minds. So when I say that I feel “privileged,” I mean it.

I have had a busy first two weeks and I am inspired by what I have seen thus far. I visited White Oak Cottages and Leonard Florence Center for Living, both in Massachusetts, where I was struck and gratified by how happy, relaxed and content the shahbazim were in this setting. But it was more than that…it was their self-esteem. Their self-esteem was evident and I felt it. Considering that I have just come from institutional settings where the C.N.A.’s struggle have people listen to them I clearly noticed the contrast – the shahbazim were at a different level. Not that they are different kinds of people…both C.N.A.’s and shahbazim are some of the best people on earth. It’s just that the shahbazim are being trusted and valued at a much higher level. We need more C.N.A.’s to experience this sense of self worth, and good jobs where their value is fully recognized and respected.

As I settle into this new role, as Director of The Green House Project, I am taking it all in, the inspiration and the challenge, and using this energy to find my way as a leader. While there are many things to learn, I am clear on a few things, I am clear that we are here to ensure that Green House adopters are successful and sustainable, and to create the opportunity for this model to be available in every community!
Therefore, as I enter into my 3rd week as Director of this initiative, please know that I, am open to your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Thank you.

David Farrell
Director, The Green House Project.

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