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Who Will Be the Next Champion of Eldercare Reform? Celebrating the Legacy of Claude J. Pepper

In the latest episode of The Green House Project’s “Elevate Eldercare” podcast, Senior Director Susan Ryan sat down with Director of Communications and Marketing Alex Spanko to discuss the life and legacy of perhaps one of the most impactful public servants America has ever had – Sen. Claude J. Pepper, whose journey from an impoverished […]

Three takeaways from the 99th and 100th episodes of ‘Elevate Eldercare’

This week, colleagues at The Green House Project highlighted some of the most profound insights from the variety of incredible guests that the Elevate Eldercare podcast has hosted. I’d highly recommend giving both a listen – they weave together an inspiring and optimistic narrative of where eldercare has been and where it’s going. There’s lots […]

Pat Sprigg of Carol Woods leads through person-centered care

I loved listening to this week’s podcast, featuring senior director Susan Ryan in conversation with Pat Sprigg, the CEO of Carol Woods, a retirement community in North Carolina. Referencing Maya Angelou In 1975, Sprigg began her first job working with elders but entered the job with apprehension – she never saw herself working with elders […]

A flexible, diverse vision for eldercare with Jennie Chin Hansen

This week’s podcast episode with Senior Director Susan Ryan featured Jennie Chin Hansen, who has served as the CEO of On Lok, president of AARP, and a stakeholder in California’s Master Plan on Aging. A happy, peaceful abode Much of the podcast focused on Chin Hansen’s time as director of On Lok. On Lok, which […]

An age-friendly vision for America’s capital city: in conversation with Gail Kohn

Gail Kohn was the latest guest on the “Elevate Eldercare” podcast, in conversation with Senior Director Susan Ryan. A powerhouse leader, particularly in pushing for diversity and community, she is the former executive director of Capitol Hill Village and Collington. Now, she leads the Age-Friendly DC initiative, as part of a World Health Organization project […]

Wyoming Life Resource Center

Green House in Wyoming: A Story of Firsts

In 2007, Doug Osborn and Charles Scott of the Wyoming legislature brought a bill up for consideration. The bill would authorize three pilot projects, in three different communities in Wyoming, to study alternative elderly care homes.  The passage of the bill was a catalyst for radical change in eldercare in Wyoming. Prior to this bill, […]

Tammy Marshall

Biophilia, Salutogenesis & the Roots of Humanity

In this week’s podcast, GHP Senior Director Susan Ryan sits down with Tammy Marshall, founder and CEO of Biophilia Pharma, for a second time, to delve deeper into biophilia, salutogenic approaches to healing, and imagining a future of eldercare that prioritizes a holistic relationship to nature. I ended this podcast completely in awe of the […]

Medical & Policy Perspectives on Eldercare with Michael Wasserman, MD

Hello! My name is Meghna Datta and I’m an undergraduate intern with The Green House Project (GHP) this summer. I’m a student at Duke, originally from the Midwest, and working here has been a dream of mine for such a long time that being here feels surreal.  I will be blogging about podcast episodes, webinars, […]

An Unlikely Partnership Solves a PPE Issue

The team at Jewish Senior Life wondered if the local Amish community might be able to help. That’s when JSL Chief Information Officer Travis Masonis stepped up to make a crucial connection.

Ashton Applewhite

Ashton Applewhite on Aging & Ageism

Given how the events of past 10 months have affected older adults, my colleague, Marla DeVries, and I looked at how ageism has played a role in why COVID-19 has had such a devastating impact on those who live in nursing homes. A recent interview on the Elevate Eldercare podcast offers an important perspective on […]

Living with Early-Onset Dementia: A Story of Courage & Hope

After a career in telecommunications as well as serving as a member of the Rhode Island National Guard for over a decade, Mike Belleville was diagnosed with early onset dementia, at the age of 52. Although the news was devastating to Mike,  he has not let it define him.

Avoidable: David Grabowski’s Take on the Pandemic’s Impact on Nursing Homes

COVID-19 has had such an impact on so many lives over the past several months that when you hear a well-respected researcher in long-term care say the impact could have been significantly reduced in nursing homes or AVOIDABLE…it makes you lean into the conversation and hear how he backs up that statement. And Dr. David […]