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Loretto Green House Project Plans Delayed

The Green House Project team, headquartered in Crystal City, VA, works hard to support and guide a growing network of visionary skilled nursing providers nationwide who have chosen to adopt The Green House model as an alternative to institutional nursing homes.

Nearly 100 Green House Projects are operating in 27 states and dozens more are under development. But committing to the Green House model is a major undertaking and many Green House Project adopters encounter roadblocks along the way.

After several years of preparation, Syracuse-based Loretto has delayed its plans to build 13 Green House Project homes. Loretto is a committed leader in the culture change movement and we look forward to collaborating with them in the future when the time is right to bring the Green House Project to Syracuse. In the meantime, Loretto has some exciting developments underway to support culture change in their facilities. WSYR reports:

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