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Alternatives to Long Term Care Focus on the Elder

AARP‘s Caregiving Resource Center posted an article to address the, “90 percent of Americans prefer to stay home as they age”. There are alternatives  to traditional long term care that focus on the growth of the elder in their later years, and their well being rather than their decline:

Much like the Eden Alternative, The Green House Project caters to the life of the older adult rather than to their health needs only. The idea behind this project is to provide our loved ones with an excellent quality of life enriched by relationships with qualified staff who choose to work in an environment focused on enriching the life of the older adult. Taking the sterility out of long-term care, the Green House Project provides a warm environment with a focus on community, relationships, well-being and happiness — where there is a true “heart” to the home.


The opportunity to age in community with the needed resources, including skilled nursing care, allows the elder to remain connected to the place and people that they have loved throughout their lives, and changes the paradigm of long term care. The AARP article highlights, The Eden Alternative, The Green House Project, and The Village models as alternatives to Long Term Care that are changing the landscape of what it means to grow old.

To read the full article, and gather additional resources, click here.

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