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Steve Saling Expands his Reach, with the ALS Residence Initiative

If you’ve ever had the chance to tour or attend a Green House workshop at the Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL)—you undoubtedly walked away with a special appreciation for the meaningful life taking place in those ten homes.

You may also have had the opportunity to meet Steve Saling, one person living in those homes and is often a tour guide for groups.  In fact, the home he lives in carries his name, the Steve Saling ALS Residence, because he was such an inspirational part of how the technology in that home provides such independence for those living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS.

Steve is a big supporter of The ALS Residence Initiative (ALSRI) founded to inspire replication of homes like the one at LFCL across America and the world.  Their mission is clearly explained on their home page:

“This is too special a place to be unique in the world. We will help you open an ALS Residence near you. Explore this site to learn more.”

The website offers a variety of information including the fact that there is no known cause and no medical treatment or cure for ALS:

It is a neurodegenerative condition thought to be caused by a breakdown of cellular recycling systems in the neurons of the spinal cord and brain that results in the nervous system slowly losing its ability to carry brain signals to the body’s muscular system. ALS is not inherently fatal but death is usually a complication of the diaphragm becoming too weak for the lungs to function.

The story behind Steve and his involvement in the construction and development of the ALS home is truly amazing.  It is captured in the video on the home page of their website.

We invite you to take a moment and visit the website—we encourage you to share it with your networks.

Who knows…YOU may be the spark that ignites the development of a home that provides a rich and more meaningful life to those who didn’t feel that was possible!


One thought on “Steve Saling Expands his Reach, with the ALS Residence Initiative

  1. I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting with Steve Saling at his residence within the Leonard Florence Center for Living. Steve, and those who contributed to this model, are insprational game changers. The Steve Saling ALS Residence and Slifka MS Residence have provided an environment that is life affirming — one that can AND SHOULD be available throughout the nation. If not now, WHEN???

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