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Enjoy the great outdoors this summer!

Summer is a wonderful time of the year to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and parks are often a perfect place to make this happen! National, state, and county parks provide opportunities to take a scenic drive, enjoy a picnic, go for a walk, watch birds or simply breathe in some fresh air. Consider taking your elders, neighbors, and friends outdoors this summer to embrace the beauty of our earth. The Green House philosophy denotes ways in which this model enhances elders’ quality of life and enjoying the outdoors is only one small way we can make this philosophy living and breathing within our homes.

Share with us your pictures and stories from your outdoor adventures this summer! This will inspire others to think of creative ways foster enjoyment and meaningful activities within our Green House homes all across the country!

Living The Green House Brand

What does it mean to live The Green House Project brand? What differentiates us and creates a culture that is unique to our community?

Dr. Thomas says that the difference is that in The Green House Project, love matters. So how does that play out? There are many stories of the deep knowing and relationships that transform an ordinary place into a home where people live, work and thrive while receiving the care that they need.

For example, Sharla Lee in San Angelo Texas spent her life as a caregiver and housewife — she yearned to give. In response, the team in the home created a training to certify her as an elder-shahbaz, with duties and responsibilities to run the home. By creating environments that are empowered to meet the needs of those who live and work there, where people have the autonomy and choice to be their best self, a REAL HOME is created. These are all ways that we walk the walk, talk the talk, and live the brand everyday.

Elder with Shahbaz

The Green House Project team has the opportunity to share what it means to be part of The Green House Project brand with our organization, NCB Capital Impact, and we need your help. Please share your thoughts of a tagline, a story, a motto or any other thoughts of how we can really highlight our brand.

Green House Project Teams Strive for Trusting Relationships

Trust is vital to successful teamwork. A team with trusting members is much more likely to be innovative. They will share and debate ideas, engaging in conflict at times, but in a productive way that allows for learning and growth. The Green House Project teams work to create trusting environments where elders can best served. Check out a recent article in The Green House Project Newsletter on Trust:

What are some ingredients of trust?

  • Sincerity – we consider someone to be sincere when they are honest; when they say what they mean and mean what they say. They can be believed, taken seriously and their opinions are valid and backed up by sound thinking. We also know that their actions will be consistent with their words.
  • Reliability – we consider someone to be reliable when the meet the commitments they make and keep their promises. And when they can’t, when something interferes, they let you know as soon as they know
  • Competence – we consider someone to be competent when we believe they have the ability to do what they are doing or what they propose to do. This often boils down to having the skills, knowledge and resources required to accomplish a particular task.
  • Care – we consider someone to care when they have our interests in mind as well as their own. This is often the most important factor for building lasting trust. If we believe someone is only concerned with their own self-interest, we may trust their sincerity, competence or reliability in a specific situation, but will probably not trust them as a general rule.

What are some ways we put these aspects of trust into practice? You can ask these questions:

  • How am I behaving in ways that build trust?
  • What are people I trust saying and doing that makes them trustworthy?
  • How do their actions relate to the four aspects of trust?
  • Ask others you trust how they experience you in these areas.

Building, maintaining and repairing the trust of those you work with on The Green House team takes an understanding of how one judges trustworthiness, language and actions consistent with the aspects of trust and an intention to be a trusted member of The Green House team. Remember, our elders are counting on us!

Feltman, C.  The Thin Book of Trust, An Essential Primer For Building Trust At Work. Thin Book Publishing Co., 2009.

What are practices on your teams that foster trust, learning and growth?