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The Business of Caregiving: The Cottages, St. Martin's in the Pines

St. Martin’s in the Pines is featured as an exemplary employer in a series of case studies by PHI.  In this series that  that highlights “quality care through quality jobs,” St. Martin’s tells their story of culture change, and the impact on their community:

Through its journey toward this new vision, St. Martin’s has succeeded in enhancing the work environment and quality of jobs for its staff, with some remarkable results, including a substantially lower turnover rate and higher resident and family satisfaction rates compared to those at the traditional nursing home.

PHI does an exceptional job of combining antecdotal evidence of transformation, with hard numbers that illustrate the business case.  In order to understand the success of The Green House model, all aspects of transformation must be analyzed.  It is the combination of philosophy, organizational restructure and environmental design that delivers the results described in the study.  As an example of increased staff effectiveness, Vice President of Human Resources and Quality Management Mamie Mahone explains that the new responsibilities and skills as Shahbazim have helped CNAs to blossom:

It’s autonomy, it’s responsibility. I think they show pride in what they do. It’s given them some decision-making skills. I’ve seen people develop and light up and show skills I didn’t know they had. They have time management skills. They’re organized. They are able to get a lot of work done during their day and spend a lot more time with the elders.

To read the full study, visit PHI Case Study Site





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