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Compassion — A Key Ingredient To a Vibrant Green House Home

All people are surrounded by a circle of compassion that defines their relationships with those around them, said Green House Project founder Dr. Bill Thomas in opening remarks at the fourth annual Green House Project Meeting and Celebration in Birmingham, Ala.

And the key ingredient to building a happy and vibrant Green House home is the ability of those in it to significantly grow their personal circle of compassion, Dr. Thomas said.

How big is your circle of compassion? In the video below, Dr. Thomas challenges participants in the Green House Project meeting to examine how willing they are to welcome all people into their circles of compassion.

Compassion — A Key Ingredient To a Vibrant Green House Home from The Green House Project on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Compassion — A Key Ingredient To a Vibrant Green House Home

  1. This was just such an awesome experience for me to attend this 4’th annual Green House convention! The speakers were so down to earth and informative and the elders treated us so well and that “special” party you gave for us was heartfelt and wonderful! Thank You so much and I feel I have brought back a part of this experience to Danville,Il. to our first ever
    Veterans Green Houses..and our first two are named Freedom and Liberty.
    May God continue to bless your efforts and All of you! Denise Carlson,DanvilleIl.

    1. Hi Lisa — Yes, Dr. Thomas’ speech on compassion is now on Vimeo! Please feel free to share the video, embed it in your website and even download it to your computer.

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