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Cottages of Lake St. Louis to be First Green House Homes in Missouri!


For Immediate Release

Coming to Lake St. Louis late 2016! A whole new approach to Short Term Rehabilitation and innovative Skilled Nursing. We are Skilled Nursing, differently. Cottages of Lake St Louis will be built to resemble a traditional residential neighborhood.  A home away from home.

THE GREEN HOUSE® Project has spent over a decade creating a new vision for the future of elder care. The Green House model delivers better outcomes than traditional nursing homes. And by creating a real home environment and providing elders with dignity, autonomy and choice, Green House homes provide people with the best quality of life possible. The Green House model delivers high quality care. Close relationships with elders means that health issues are identified and treated earlier. And the calm, familiar, real home atmosphere in Green House homes improves the well being and functioning of elders with dementia.

Our Values include:

  • Meaningful life focused on personal choices,
    • Consistent, compassionate, highly trained and empowered staff
      • Advanced, research driven medical services in a real home.

Construction is planned for a 5.2 acre site at 2885  Technology Drive, the southeast corner of Technology Drive and Feise Commercial Drive in Lake St Louis. The Cottages will consist of 6 comfortable homes, each with a dining room, cozy family room with fireplace, den, spa and an open kitchen surrounded by 10 private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Each Cottage has a large landscaped patio with lush gardens and walking paths around the community. State of the art therapy, nursing and activities services are an integral part of our total wellness plan.

This Green House Model for those needing skilled nursing for rehabilitation or skilled long-term care  is new to the area, but has an amazing positive and proven reputation based on a decade of research. You can learn more at  In our homes the schedule of  each Elder is decided by the Elder, not a calendar on the wall. Our goal is to facilitate the Elders independence and ability to pursue their interests. Elders of each home share meals at their common table where family members are also encouraged to join them. Staffing ratios are among the best in the area, allowing for maximum interaction and total care of each Elder. This model gives Elders the ability to be a part of life in the home, planning, suggesting and/or engaging in activities and meals, or, sitting and chatting with the staff while they prepare the meal in the home. Our goal is to see every Elder live each day to the fullest.

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About Focused Senior Communities: The leadership team at FSC believes Skilled Care needs to change. Old “nursing home” standards don’t meet our needs anymore. FSC owns, operates and consults in the Senior Housing Industry. Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge in Senior housing and development. We are excited and honored to bring the Green House Model of Skilled Nursing to Lake St. Louis in the Winter of 2016.

About THE GREEN HOUSE® Project: The Green House Project is a radically new national model for skilled nursing care that returns control, dignity and a sense of well-being to elders, their families and direct care staff. In the Green House model, residents receive care in small, self- contained homes organized to deliver individualized care and meaningful relationships between residents and care staff.

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