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Empowered Staff Video: Celebrating 10 years of The Green House Project

In The Green House model, the core value that contributes most significantly to a deep and sustainable transformation is “Empowered Staff”. The hierarchy of the organization is flattened to bring power into the home, with the elders and those working closest to them. This group of direct care staff, who have a base education as ┬áCertified Nursing Assistants and then receive 128 hours of additional training, become Shahbazim, an honored and valued group who work in self managed work teams to protect, sustain and nurture the elders. The self managed work team reports to a Guide, and partners with a Clinical Support Team to provide individualized and holistic care with the elders. The Green House Project provides over 200 hours of education across the organization to develop coaching leaders in an environment where Elder’s Rule!

Check out this video to highlight how the Core Value of Empowered Staff!

One thought on “Empowered Staff Video: Celebrating 10 years of The Green House Project

  1. An excellent video; I will share it widely. When a local radio show interviewed me about my book, “Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir,” they asked me to explain why I wrote about the Green House Project, why I thought the Green House Project was special. I said that Bill Thomas could do a better job explaining that than I could, but that what most impressed me was how the staff are EMPOWERED to make decisions and share responsibilities. This video does a great job of describing what that means.

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