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Highlighting The Green House Project Team: Melissa Honig

Melissa Honig, Project Guide with The Green House Project since 2007

It was the simple act of delivering a cup of water to an elder in a nursing home when Melissa was 12 years old that launched her life’s journey to make the world a better place for elders. 

Melissa and her sister were visiting their Great Grandmother at the nursing home, running around trying to be helpful, when Melissa came upon an elder that wanted “just a cup of water”.  The elder was so extremely grateful when she returned with the water, that it left a significant impression on her—Melissa felt more could be done to make life enjoyable for those in nursing homes.  Thus, began her career to transform long-term institutional care and challenge conventional attitudes towards aging.  Melissa joined the Green House team in 2007 as a Project Guide, and possesses talent and expertise in a variety of areas.

  • Master’s degree in Health Services Administration, with an undergraduate degree in Health Services Administration with a concentration in Gerontology
  • Licensed Nursing Home Administrator
  • Eden Alternative Associate & Mentor
  • Six years of experience in a variety of positions at CCRC’s
  • Culture Change keynote speaker/presenter
  • Laughter Yoga Leader – teaching therapeutic coping skills

Today Melissa imparts her knowledge and guidance to 13 different long term care organizations building or developing Green House homes.  She likes to surround her office area with quotes and messages about making the world a better place, like this one from Eleanor Roosevelt:

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?

Melissa also loves hiking in national parks, running on the national mall, and traveling the globe with her family!

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