Green House Blog

Joyce Ebmeier

Strategic Planning
Tabitha Health Care Services

It has been Tabitha’s great fortune to have the NCB Capital Impact team
working with us starting in 2004 as we prepared to open our first Green
House Home in Nebraska. At that time, we all had a vision and shared a
passion for what this change could mean to Elders and caregivers. Up to
that point, we had tried to change, but the change was incremental and
seemed pulled back by the grip of institutional medical models. It was
the deep and knowledgeable resources of the NCB team that moved our work

Pioneering change is hard and a great deal of faith and courage is asked
of Board members, financiers and other key supporters. Inspiration can
only take change so far and the NCB Capital Impact team is certainly not
short on inspiration. However, their strength in the areas of finance,
training, project management and implementation has been invaluable. I
can say with confidence, without them on our team, we would not be
celebrating the opening of our fourth project this year.

The quality of the tools they bring to a developing project is
consistently high and continuously improving. Their understanding of
health care regulations and reimbursement challenges is complete. Their
ability to advocate for a project and establish trust and support from
local and federal agencies is without parallel. Their dedication to the
success of a project is tenacious and has always been in sync with our
Mission to serve Elders.

I have worked with a number of development teams on a variety of
successful projects. In those experiences, some good and some bad, I
would rank NCB Capital Impact as the very best.