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Much Comfort on this Valentine's Day

Below is a special Valentine’s note from Minna Rae Friedman.  Her husband lives in a Green House home at the Capt. James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, Illinois.  While the note is written to express how grateful she is…we think you’ll agree there is much love written here “between the lines”!

My husband, Stanley Friedman, has been a resident of the Green House home for over one and a half years.    He is a 94 ½ year old WWII veteran.  This facility has been a godsend to us both.  It is a pleasure to visit and see the care he receives and his surroundings.  Friends who visit, want to move in.

When I have had health situations needing care, I am comfortable knowing he is being cared for.  Our children have supplied him with a desk and computer so he is able to play his favorite “Freecell” game, which not only engages his time, but provides some mental stimulation.

He has a number of health problems requiring medical and physical attention that I wouldn’t be able to provide, so it is doubly comforting to know he is comfortable, and contented.

We, fortunately, live close to Lovell FHCC, and it is a pleasure for me to visit often and I love to bring homemade treats that are always enjoyed by the residents and staff.  (I hope. They say so.)

The Green House homes are a wonderful addition to Lovell FHCC and a welcome respite from the old, traditional nursing homes.

Minna Rae Friedman





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