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Request for Proposals: Successful Practices from Green House Adopters

The Green House Annual Meeting (September 7-9 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an opportune time  for adopters to share wisdom, successful practices and stories that occur in your homes around the country.  As shahbaz, Sarah Hoffman, expressed, “I am so inspired when other colleagues share their, ‘a-ha!’ moments with me, and I hope I can do the same in return.”

In that spirit, we are offering an opportunity to share your ‘a-ha!’ moments with each other at our upcoming meeting by filling out our Call for Successful Practices and Innovations, below.

The Green House Annual Meeting is rich soil in which to share your living story with others who are on the journey of transformation. You have unique experiences and successes to share.


  • To identify successful practices, innovations, and experiences among staff and elders from Green House homes.
  • To engage a broad cross section of staff from across the nation by offering a $500 honorarium to organizations who are chosen to share their Successful Practice at the Fourth Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama

Please fill out the form below:

2 thoughts on “Request for Proposals: Successful Practices from Green House Adopters

  1. Hi Chris– I am going to post this comment on Linked In to see what our community there says. Join The Green House Group on LinkedIn and particiate in the conversation! Thanks so much for your interest

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