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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Visits The Village of Redford

10/26/11 Detroit, MI

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) board visited their grantee’s in Detroit this week. An important stop for them was The Village of Redford, a Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) campus where two Green House homes are located.

The RWJF board and staff were excited with what they saw in the homes and all the successes they heard from PVM staff and elders. For many board members and staff, this was their first time to visit an operating Green House home – although they said they have all seen the video and cried. Roger Myers, Melinda Callahan, Karl Schillinger, Angie Evans, Emma Williams, and a lovely elder named Kay, ┬áled the PVM delegation on site and at dinner. PVM, as always, was a gracious and generous host. Their homes, now 4 years old (PVM opened the first Green House homes in Michigan and the third site in the country), have become even warmer and richer with the passage of time.

To return PVM’s favor, RWJF invited a big contingent of PVM folks to their board dinner. All had the opportunity meet RWJF’s board chair Governor Keane and Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, RWJF’s CEO and President.

As Angie and Emma were getting ready to leave, they corralled Robert for a photo. As the three were trying to figure out how get everyone into one photo, Risa walked by and offered to help out. After an excellent photo by Risa, the threesome corralled Risa (and Karl for good measure) !!STAY TUNED FOR THE PHOTO!!.

The Green House Project would like to thank Risa, RWJF, Angie, Emma, and PVM for their mission to serve those most in need as well as their unflagging support and friendship.

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