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Senior Housing Forum – An Interview with Sally Abrahms

Sally Abrahms, an award winning writer on aging and baby boomers, sat down for an interview with Steve Moran of the Senior Housing Forum to discuss senior housing options. She lends her thoughts on the needs of the aging boomers and the desired housing communities (including Green House!) of the generation that is not “going to take aging lying down.”

They refuse to accept today’s traditional nursing homes. Rather than grow old in isolation, the Me Generation (which should be retitled the “We” Generation!) plans to do it together. That could mean aging in place with community support and services, sharing housing or moving into a Green House family-style nursing home.


OWhen asked about the perfect senior housing community, she describes her dream home; “A good balance of privacy and social interaction, fabulous exercise facilities, first-rate medical care, a warm and responsive staff, and the ability to call the shots as much as possible.” And when compared to traditional style nursing homes, she adds that, “when boomers hit the nursing homes, most will be following the Green House, neighborhood ‘home’ model.”

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