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Sharing a Favorite Salad During This Holiday Season Can Bring Unexpected Joy

During the holidays we like to feature a recipe from an Elder in a Green House home.  This year we are featuring a Cranberry Jell-O salad that was a favorite of Millicent Stutzman who lives in the Showalter House at the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community in Harrisonburg, VA.  Her daughter, Marliese Poskitt, shares the story below concerning this special salad.  There is no recipe for this salad…so her daughter made the salad this Thanksgiving from the memory of watching and helping her mother over the years.


“Thanksgiving at our house always involved getting out the metal food grinder that attached to the end of our kitchen counter like a vise. Mom washed the cranberries, peeled the apples, and Dad put them through the old hand-cranked grinder. Along with chopped pecans and Jell-O, it made a delicious and colorful salad. The holiday doesn’t seem the same now without her Cranberry Jell-O salad. So, when we were invited to have Thanksgiving Dinner with her at the Showalter House, I washed the cranberries, peeled the apples, and chopped the nuts (with my electric food processor) and brought Mom’s salad to share. At dinner, Mom tasted it and her eyes lit up a little. She said “That’s me! That’s me!” and pointed to the salad. At 94, having dealt with memory loss issues for many years, she struggles to communicate with us. We don’t know for certain what was going on in her mind, but to my brother and me, she seemed to be saying, “Hey, that’s my recipe!” The salad, and her response, was her gift to us this Thanksgiving.”
And so we share the gift with you and perhaps you might enjoy making Cranberry Jell-O Salad for or with your family for Christmas.”

One thought on “Sharing a Favorite Salad During This Holiday Season Can Bring Unexpected Joy

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, it warms my heart to read it. You must love your mother very much and don’t think for a minute that she does not know it. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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