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St. John's Shahbazim Team Comes Together

From the St. John’s Living Blog:

By Rebecca Priest, St. John’s Guide

We’ve officially hired a (knock on wood) complete team of Shahbazim to staff the Penfield Green House Homes!
These employees are amazing, convicted, and competent professionals who are so committed to ensuring that the people who need long term care get support in a way that honors their personhood first.  Thinking about the team, and how excited they are gives me goosebumps.
Challenges going forward abound.  How will we keep enthusiasm building toward opening?  How will we ensure that this team relies on each other, the elders with whom they work?  How do we support the team and share the gifts that each of them bring?
Eden Principle #3:   Loving companionship is the antidote to loneliness.
Elders and employees deserve easy access to people who appreciate and celebrate them for their gifts and encourage them to grow as people.
My mission is to expose these talented team members for the wonder that they bring with them to St. John’s everyday, just by being who they are.

One thought on “St. John's Shahbazim Team Comes Together

  1. Wonderful news of new Shahbazim joining St. John’s team. Big questions and challenges posed above. It seems to me that the building of relationships where each of the new team members feels recognized, known and valued is the beginning. And Rebecca, you and your fellow team members will support that process, I know. Maybe an afternoon with Dr. Al would be a great experience for the new team members.

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