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The Idea that Spurred the Movement: 10 Years of The Green House Project

It is hard to believe that it has only been 10 years since the first Green House homes opened in Tupelo, MS. It all began when Green House founder,  Dr. Bill Thomas, had a radical idea that people should age in real homes, rather than institutions.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation agreed, and this model has served as a catalyst for significant social change.  To date, 1579 elders, veterans and people with disabilities live as full and meaningful lives in Green House homes, and gaining momentum to bring this model to a community near you.

Be sure to watch the below video to see the impact that this model made on long term care, and what the future holds.

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It's a Wonderful Life, at The Green House Project

This holiday season, we reflect on the power of creating real homes, meaningful lives and empowerment for those who live and work in Green House homes.

We are gratified to know that in 32 states across the country, a Green House home, is an option for our loved ones. This past year, Green House homes in Maryland, Ohio, Wyoming, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Alabama opened their doors; and in 2013, through remarkable partnership, our first Green House homes will open in Virginia, and California!   We will continue to work tirelessly toward our mission to make this model available to elders in every community.
To create a real and sacred elderhood, we must continue to build relationships to help us meet our vision.  We are grateful to our partners in policy, regulations, and research, as well as providers, consumers and advocates who have supported us to achieve remarkable firsts.  This year, our first community based Green House homes opened in Rochester, NY, moving us closer to the dream of enabling people to age with dignity in their own community.  Also, the first grassroots Green House homesopened in Sheridan, Wyoming, proving that a small group of determined people really can change the world.  We are honored to serve the heroes of our country by partnering with the Veteran’s Administration to create Green House homes. By building on the common ground, of creating a better world for elders, we can accomplish great things.   


Next year marks 10 years since the very first Green House home opened in Tupelo, MS.  We celebrate the impact that has been made over the last decade, and how this movement is positioned to change the future of aging.   

Thank you for your continued support and involvement to make this vision a reality. 


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With sincere gratitude,
THE GREEN HOUSE® Project Family