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Regulators and Providers Share Goals and Values

The Green House Project works with organizations in over 30 states to innovate long term care in a way that meets or exceeds the highest level of the regulations.  Collaboration with state regulators is pivotal to the success of the movement and well being of elders. To build and deepen relationships with regulators, Senior Director of The Green House Project, Susan Frazier Ryan,  recently attended the Association of Health Facilitator State Agencies (AHFSA) conference in Charleston, South Carolina.  This conference is an important opportunity to engage in dialogue with state regulators of skilled nursing homes and ensure that there is a clear understanding of The Green House model.

“We believe that providers and regulators share the goal of creating the highest quality environments and experiences to serve people who require long term care, and help them ‘attain or maintain their highest practicable level of well being.’  In order to achieve the goal and move the field forward, it is imperative that providers and regulators do not work in silos, but rather build mutual respect for each other’s vital role,” Ms. Ryan states. The Green House Project supports organizations to partner with regulators and create real homes where people live meaningful lives.


Conference Exhibiting: Spreading the Word About The Green House Model

In late September The Green House Project team attended the Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies annual conference in Indianapolis, IN.  This was our third time at this event.  We believe it’s important to build strong relations with surveyors to identify and communication our common goals of creating the best life possible for Elders.  It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate how The Green House model meets and exceeds the intent of the regulations, and that when we work together we can achieve positive outcomes!

We are also most pleased to announce that the Director of the Division of Health Care Facilities for the Tennessee Department of Health, Vincent L. Davis, will be speaking at The 7th Annual Green House Meeting & Celebration in November!


The Green House Project Team was thrilled to attend and exhibit at the 6th Annual National Village Gathering.  Village to Village Network hosted the meeting in Washington D.C. The Village to Village Network is a national peer to peer network to help establish and continuously improve management of their own villages whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns or suburban settings.

The mission of VtV is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members. Villages help people age in place in and connect with their community. Being a part of the National Village Gathering was especially important to The Green House Project because we share the value of aging in community. The theme, “Many Villages, One Voice, One Vision” was present throughout the gathering as villages from across the country networked, learned and explored their most pressing topics together.

This year, the Village to Village Network hosted the first ever Village Hill Day on Capitol Hill.  The day started with a briefing for politicians and Hill staffers about how Villages are community based solution that supports aging in place.  Village members also met with their representatives to talk more specifically about support for aging services in their district.