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Coaching for Partnership & Adult Learner Centered Education

Last week, from September 24-27, the Green House Project hosted the Adult Learner Centered Education (ALCE) program for Green House adopters only at their home office in Arlington, VA. Green House adopter s from across the country joined us for the four-day educational training which began with two days of Coaching for Partnership programming, followed by two days of the ALCE curriculum. Green House adopters came from Arkansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin came to participate in this critical educational training program.

During the first two days of training participants spent time exploring the concept of self-managed work teams, how to present an issue by balancing support and accountability, active listening and paraphrasing.  During their time learning these skills, participants learned the three elements of coaching for partnership which are: creating a valued relationship, clearly presenting an issue, and gathering information.

The final two days of programming focused on teaching the Adult Learner-Centered approach to use as a Green House educator as participants go back to their Green House homes and teach the Coaching for Partnership curriculum to their respective Clinical Support Teams. Program participants spend much time using role playing practice to perfect the skills and techniques they learned and spent the final day of the ALCE program teaching a section of the curriculum to their peers.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the September 2013 ALCE program!