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Electric Energy Takes Green House Adopters Beyond Better!

The energy is always electric when Green House adopters are together. “As a national initiative, amazing things happen when so many changemakers are in the same room,”  shares Senior Director, Susan Ryan, “The opportunity for rich discussion, relationship building and thoughtful questions is irreplaceable. ”   That was certainly the case as over 250 Green House adopters gathered at The 2016 Green House Annual Meeting—Beyond Better.tshirt-shot_web

visit to Green HillHosted in New Jersey, attendees were able to visit two open Green House homes, Morris Hall Meadows and Green Hill.  Representing 30 states and over 200 open homes, the growing Peer Network is one of the greatest values of participating in this initiative.  Green House stakeholder, John Grace, said, “It was nice to attend an intimate gathering where “practical application” is the theme of the day.”

Pre-Conference workshops provided role specific opportunities to explore areas that research proves are vital to the sustainability and success of the model, such as coaching and empowerment.  Senior executives joined President of Center for Innovation, Inc., the sponsor of The Green House Project,  Scott Townsley, to discuss the strategic trends impacting healthcare, and how The Green House model must continue to evolve in order to lead the way to a better tomorrow.

Marc Middleton, CEO of Growing Bolder, opened the meeting with an inspiring message that what the mind believes, the body embraces, and a call to belimarc-middleton_webeve in the potential of elders!  This multimedia presentation thoroughly dismantled the myths of aging, and set a tone of possibility for the rest of the meeting.

With breakout sessions focused on key operational topics like convivium, spirituality, team building and hiring, adopters left the conference with a full ‘toolbox’ of new skills and ideas to eni-am-green-house_webhance their homes and organizations.  An original spoken word piece, called, “I Am Green House”, brought the crowd to their feet, as a shahbaz, a nurse, a family member and an elder shared what it really means to live this movement everyday.

This year, intensive sessions were offered as opportunities to take a  deep dive in areas of dementia, coaching leadership and bringing Green House values into the legacy home.   Hot topics, real discussion, and an impetus to keep wali_question_webgrowing, resonated throughout the conference. The “Inner Circle” was a unique networking space for attendees to meet their peers and help to co-create the future.  Reciprocity of active learning and shared experience is making a difference and changing the world.

Sustainability is crucial in the work that we do, and a quality benchmarking resource was presented to attendees with a tangible charge to never stop improving.  Exciting results are being discovered as the evidence-base for The Green House model grows.

The conference closed with Ashton Applewhite, anti-ageism advocate and author of This Chair Rocks, an Manifesto Against Ageism, sending a passionate appeal to fight ageism in all its forms.  With humor and personal stories, Ashton served as the perfect way to end the conference feeling challenged and  inspired.

susan-speaking_web“THE POWER OF THE MOVEMENT IS YOU!” says, Susan Ryan, to an empowered audience of Green House adopters.  The national initiative is able to push the envelope of what is possible because of the innovative and excellent work of Green House adopters and those stakeholders who are changing what it means to age.

Next year marks the 10th Annual Green House Meeting.  Held in Florida, with host site, John Knox Village, this meeting continues to grow in meaning and scope, as Green House adopters truly go, Beyond Better!


Sixth Annual Green House Meeting & Celebration, Boston, MA

Being a part of The Green House network is an opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself! This is never more true than when we come together for our Annual Meeting and Celebration. This year is certain to be a revolutionary time in Boston! Registration began this week for Peer Network members to attend the Sixth Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration at the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA.

Last year’s well-attended Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, ignited much enthusiasm about the importance of this annual gathering of our community:

“The Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration was a great opportunity to network with peers from all over the country and discuss the joys, challenges, and unique situations that arise in working in the Green House model. The chance to brainstorm, swap ideas and stories with others who are passionate about elders, and the future of elder care, was an invaluable experience.” – Mimi DeVinney, TR Specialist, Eden Associate (St. John’s Home, Rochester, NY)

“I always find the Green House annual conference to be a great source of networking and an opportunity for a “jump-start” in areas that I may need a boost.  One impact particularly from last year’s conference was Dr. Thomas sharing his vision that every house has a story.” – Rhonda Wolpert, LNHA (Mennonite Memorial Home, Bluffton, OH)

This year’s theme, “Revolutionizing Elderhood” acknowledges the two Green House Projects open and thriving in Massachusetts, embodying the amazing revolutionary spirit. The Leonard Florence Center for Living and The White Oaks Cottages at Fox Hill  are our hosts.  In addition to celebrating the triumphs of these homes, we are excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Green House Project at our meeting this year.

We are excited to spend time with Green House adopters from across the country who are open and in development  learning, information-sharing and networking during this celebration. Click here to take a look at this year’s brochure!

Michigan NPR Affiliate, WGVU, Interviews Dr. Bill Thomas and Porter Hills at GH Annual Meeting

On September 7, 2012, WGVU a local NPR affiliate in Michigan interviewed Dr. Bill Thomas, and Porter Hills CEO, Ingrid Weaver, about The Green House Project. They discuss how the model transforms the philosophy, organizational design and environment of traditional long term care, radically shifting the paradigm of aging! Additionally, this interview highlights the power of bringing together providers from around the country to celebrate and learn from each other. Porter Hills is a wonderful host, and a great example of what it means to LIVE The Green House brand and mission.  It can be different!!

Listen here:

Dr. Bill Thomas to deliver keynote speech at 5th Annual Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration

Dr. Bill Thomas, creator of The Green House model, is a fountain of inspiration and vision for innovations in aging.  At last year’s Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration, Dr. Thomas challenged the group to examine their circle of compassion.  He pontificated that all people are surrounded by a circle of compassion that defines their relationships with those around them, “And the key ingredient to building a happy and vibrant Green House home is the ability of those in it to significantly grow their personal circle of compassion.”

Dr. Bill Thomas will provide the opening keynote speech of The 5th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration (#GHP12) on the topic of Meaningful Life and Engagement. Certified Green House organizations, click here to register to attend!  This session will also be livestreamed (September 6 @ 8:30-10:30a ET) on The Green House Blog.  Looking forward to a stimulating session!   

The Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration

The Green House Project is excited to host The Fifth Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration, an exclusive opportunity for organizations who have adopted The Green House Project.  This year’s meeting will be held on September 5-7 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Building on an important value of The Green House concept, this year’s theme, “Meaningful Life, Meaningful Engagement”, will highlight the impact organizations are having on the lives of the people who are living and working in their Green House homes.  

The Green House Project is eager to use this platform to acknowledge the four Green House Projects that are open and thriving in the great state of Michigan.  From Pinecrest in the Upper Peninsula to Porter Hills, in Grand Rapids, our host city; from the Villages of Redford in Detroit’s outskirts to Resthaven on the the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, we honor all of the homes where elders and persons living with disabilities can live lives of meaning and engagement in homes where they are well known.  

This meeting and celebration as always been a time to honor the commitments that Green House organizations have made to the model and the initiative,  and the hard work to make this vision a reality.  We hope this experience provides our network with the opportunities for learning, growth, replenishment and fun!

The opportunity to visit Porter Hills will give adopters a chance to how The Green House model is lived on another campus, and there will be plenty of time for networking and relationship building amongst peers throughout the conference.  This venue will be bustling with best practices, and lessons learned from all phases of Green House development and sustainability.  Education and growth are key features of The Green House model, and there will by thoughtful sessions by Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of The Green House model and international change agent, dementia care expert Teepa Snow OT/R, and many others.   

This meeting brings together Shahbazim, Guides, CEOs, Clinical Support Team members and Elders to share their knowledge and everyday experiences. 

If you can’t attend this year’s meeting, or if you are not a Green House adopter, but are interested in the agenda, don’t worry– there will be interactive opportunities throughout the meeting!  We will be livestreaming from our website: Dr. Thomas’ keynote (9/6/2012, 9:00a), Teepa Snow’s keynote (9/7/2012, 8:30a).  We will also be updating our facebook page throughout the conference and will be using hastag: #GHP12, to tweet exciting news and photos. 

Thank you for your support and energy to further The Green House Project, and our quest to create “Meaningful Engagement and Meaningful Lives

The Green House Project Photo Contest

THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project’s photography contest was a huge success.  From planting flowers in a garden to whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, photographs illustrated how individuals living and working in Green House homes celebrate life.  Over the course of the summer, photographs and stories poured in exemplifying the core principles of the Green House model from meaningful engagement to the art of convivium. 

It was difficult to select just one winner.  However, the submission from THE GREEN HOUSE ® Homes at Green Hill in New Jersey truly captured how lives are not only celebrated, but changed in Green House homes. 

“This photo is of one of our elders that has lived at Green Hill for many years.  The young lady next to her is Maggie Frank.  Maggie has been the Activity Director at Green Hill for many years, leaving briefly to work at another community, then returning “home” to Green Hill.  She has recently stepped into the role of “Guide” for our second Green House Home that just opened a few weeks ago.  You really need to know Liz to fully appreciate this picture and how special it is to see Liz engaged in looking at that book.  Maggie recently went to Ohio to visit family.  Knowing that Liz was a native from Ohio, Maggie went to a local bookstore while out there and purchased a book about Ohio and the specific area that Liz was from.  Upon Maggie’s return,  she sat with Liz and went through the book.  It was so touching to hear that Liz remembered visiting the farms pictured in the book as a child.  Liz shared with Maggie many stories about her childhood and growing up in Ohio that were simply  triggered by familiar pictures in that book.  

I think this photo not only shows our elder during a special moment, but it’s a tribute to all the wonderful, exceptional,  caring people that work at Green Hill.  We ( the staff) at Green Hill are all drawn here out of our love for being part of  an intergenerational setting.  For many of us, it gives us our purpose in life.  What we get in return from being a part of Green Hill and from our elders  – is priceless.”  -Stephanie Roselle, Director of Admissions at Green Hill, Inc.

All the stories and photographs were shared at The 4th Annual Green House Project Meeting on September 8-9th.  Take a moment and explore all the wonderful things happening in Green House homes across the country!

Sweet Homes Alabama- Green House Annual Meeting 2011

Sweet Homes Alabama: 4th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration
September 8-9, 2011, Pre Conference September 7
Birmingham, AL
Wynfrey Hotel – 1-800-996-3739

Wynfrey Hotel- Birmingham, AL

Announcing the Fourth Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration! This year’s gathering is an exclusive time for Green House Project Adopters to share, learn and celebrate!  We will convene at the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham, AL. Green House Projects, mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity!

**At this time, the GH Annual Meeting is only open to Green House adopters under contract with The Green House Project**

Click here to download the conference brochure

This year, registration and payment will be done through a convenient online registration form, which you can fill out below. You can pay right through this website and you’ll receive email confirmation of your purchase once done.

Hotel information, transportation and information on additional programs can all be found in the GH Annual Meeting 2011 Brochure. We have reserved a special hotel guest rate for our attendees so please be sure to book early and mention “The Green House Project” for the special event rate.

This year’s theme, “Sweet Homes Alabama” gives a nod to The Green House Cottages at St. Martin’s in the Pines and all of the organizations working to create sweet homes throughout the country, where elders and persons living with disabilities can live lives of meaning and power. We honor the commitments you have made and the hard work you are doing to make this vision a reality in your communities. We hope this experience provides you with the opportunities for the learning, growth, replenishment and fun that you so richly deserve!

There will be learning, information-sharing and ample networking opportunities for everyone, so come join the celebration!

For questions or more information: or 703-647-2311. Registration below:

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