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The White House and The Green House Tour the Leonard Florence Center for Living

This week, representatives from the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) and THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project visited the Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL) in Chelsea, MA. The Center is the first urban Green House skilled nursing community in the country. Nora Super, Executive Director (WHCOA) and Rachel Maisler, Deputy Communications Director (WHCOA) traveled from Washington to see, first hand, how The Green House model supports a successful aging and good jobs.  Senior Director of The Green House Project, Susan Frazier and Director of Outreach, Scott Brown, were in attendance; Betsy Mullen, COO of the Chelsea Jewish Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates LFCL, directed the visit.WHCOA Tour picture May 2015

The visit began by spending time with a group of elders who were celebrating National Senior Health & Fitness Day.  Amidst songs and dancing, it was clear that these people are living life to the fullest.  Winnie Murphy, who is 105, told the group she loved living at the LFCL because there “was always something to do and people to visit.” In fact, Winnie is engaged in meaningful activities every day; she goes to the salon to get her hair done about once a week, relaxes with a drink at the monthly Pub Hour, plays bingo as often as possible and attends a daily exercise class.

A key focus of the visit was to highlight the increased quality of life that elders and staff experience in The Green House model.  Because of the high rise setting, the ground floor of the building has become a “main street” of sorts.  The group spent time in the café, deli, spa and outdoor patios as well as the residences where elders receive long-term care and short term rehabilitation.  It was gratifying to see Ms. Super’s reaction to each elder having a private bedroom and bathroom, and the sense of comfort and belonging that one feels in the open floor plan with accessible kitchens and dining areas in every home.  Clearly, this revolutionary model of living made a tremendous impact upon the visitors, which will hopefully lead to tremendous impacts in policy to support the spread of this model across the country.

An added plus: the WHCOA team sent a camera crew to video-tape the tour. We are hopeful that this footage will be featured at the White House Conference on Aging, to be held in Washington, DC on July 13.

Free Livestreaming of Select Sessions at The Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration

The Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration is a robust time where organizations who have adopted The Green House model can come together to learn, network and grow together.  Through livestreaming technology, we are opening up our community to everyone who would like to participate in cutting edge culture change sessions and discussions.

View Livestreamed sessions in the video player above or visit our Ustream Channel to watch live and chat with other viewers:

Livestream Schedule:
  • 8:30-10:00a Welcome and 10 Years Strong, The Origin Story
  • 10:45-11:45  Short Term Rehabilitation in The Green House home
  • 1:30 – 2:15 pm Elders Rule Panel Discussion
  • 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm QAPI, 5 Star Ratings and Understanding Quality: Using the Team in the Home to Drive Process Improvement
  • 8:30-10:00a Dr Al Power: The Person Comes First , Best Practices around Serving People Living with Dementia
  • 10:15-11:45a Chris Perna, CEO of The Eden Alternative: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Well-being
  • 3:00-4:00p Nancy Fox, Leadership: Dealing in Hope

Sixth Annual Green House Meeting & Celebration, Boston, MA

Being a part of The Green House network is an opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself! This is never more true than when we come together for our Annual Meeting and Celebration. This year is certain to be a revolutionary time in Boston! Registration began this week for Peer Network members to attend the Sixth Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration at the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA.

Last year’s well-attended Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, ignited much enthusiasm about the importance of this annual gathering of our community:

“The Green House Annual Meeting and Celebration was a great opportunity to network with peers from all over the country and discuss the joys, challenges, and unique situations that arise in working in the Green House model. The chance to brainstorm, swap ideas and stories with others who are passionate about elders, and the future of elder care, was an invaluable experience.” – Mimi DeVinney, TR Specialist, Eden Associate (St. John’s Home, Rochester, NY)

“I always find the Green House annual conference to be a great source of networking and an opportunity for a “jump-start” in areas that I may need a boost.  One impact particularly from last year’s conference was Dr. Thomas sharing his vision that every house has a story.” – Rhonda Wolpert, LNHA (Mennonite Memorial Home, Bluffton, OH)

This year’s theme, “Revolutionizing Elderhood” acknowledges the two Green House Projects open and thriving in Massachusetts, embodying the amazing revolutionary spirit. The Leonard Florence Center for Living and The White Oaks Cottages at Fox Hill  are our hosts.  In addition to celebrating the triumphs of these homes, we are excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Green House Project at our meeting this year.

We are excited to spend time with Green House adopters from across the country who are open and in development  learning, information-sharing and networking during this celebration. Click here to take a look at this year’s brochure!