Green House Blog

Ribbon cutting ceremony is a success for the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago

October 1st was a spectacular day for the dedication of the latest Green House homes to open in North Chicago, IL.  With a crowd of around 150 Veterans, community members, family and employees from the FHCC, everyone was eager to see what was behind the red ribbon.  From the outside it looks like a residential home of around 8000 square feet with a beautiful green lawn and pristine landscaping.  From the inside though, you can tell it is something special….walking in the home the interior design is bright and inviting, you see the hearth with a fire place and a beautiful decoration of yellow, orange, green and red squares which is above the mantle.  The open kitchen is beautiful with stainless steel appliances and further left is the long table that is a core practice and value of The Green House model.  The table is flanked by six foot windows on two sides letting in wonderful light!

Everyone who walked past the threshold was greeted by Captain James A. Lovell, who passionately welcomed them to a new way to care for Elders.   He is proud to be associated with this new model of care, and his wife joked wondering if he could be eligible to live there!  There was a smile on every single person who entered into The Green House home.

Among the speakers for the event were Patrick Sullivan, National Director of the FHCC, Christa Hojlo, National Director for VA Community Living Centers, Captain James A. Lovell, retired Astronaut, and Terry Simonette, CEO of NCB Capital Impact. 

Hojlo explained to attendees how important it is to change how we care for our Veterans and to offer choice.  This sentiment was echoed by Sullivan of the FHCC who not only thanked the staff responsible for the implementation of The Green House homes on this campus, but also to the family members and Veterans for their service and continued support.