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The Green House Model: Person-Directed Relationship-Based Care…An Important Part Of The Conversation For Those Living With Alzheimer ’s Disease.

The “I’ll Be Me” documentary featuring music legend, Glen Campbell has meant a new surge in the discussion about Alzheimer’s disease and how important our person centered perspective needs to be part of the conversation to increase awareness that people living with dementia are creative, resourceful and whole.

Director of The Green House Project, Susan Frazier, recently served on a panel after the showing of the film in Arlington, Virginia—the room was packed with an audience of more than 200 people all eager to ask questions and find out more about the disease.

People with dementia do best when they live within a caring community.  The Green House core values: Meaningful Life, Real Home, and Empowered Staff and the essential practices of the model support each aspect of life for all people living with dementia, and truly, all people living in the homes.

With more than 25 years of experience operationalizing and advancing person-directed care, former speech therapist and long term care administrator, Karen Love, wrote a blog about what needs to happen to encourage others to develop person-directed care.

She points to the white paper in January 2013 titled “Dementia Care:  The Quality Chasm” that provides the consensus definition and framework for person-centered dementia care.

Karen says that successfully evolving to person-centered dementia care practices will require the efforts of all stakeholders including individuals living with early stage dementia, family members and other care partners and healthcare practitioners.

Tell us what you think about the documentary OR your thoughts about person-centered care!