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What Could Be Better Than A Weekend In New York City Before Attending Green House Educator!

Twice a year The Green House Educator program is held at The Eddy Village Green in New York.  It’s a week long, very intense program to prepare educators from each organization to teach The Green House curricula on site and continue to meet the organizations needs for staff education and growth.Educator 2016 March 006

During the past session held earlier this month, team members from Colorado decided to seize the travel opportunity and see the big city before attending Educator.  As we often say “it’s all about relationships” and this adventure certainly provided an opportunity for a little team building!

Thanks to Libbie Schuetz, Jamie Arfsten and Amber Morgan from the Washington County Nursing Home in Akron, Colorado for writing the blog below and sharing some fun pictures of their special weekend.  


New York City!times square

After being asked to become educators for our home we were told that the education was going to be in Albany New York.  The first thing we all thought was New York City.  We all three agreed that we would probably never get another opportunity to be so close to the city again.  So it was decided that we would leave 2 days early and fly into the city.

It was a great adventure and so much to take in, from Time Square, to the Statue of Liberty, and more.  The best part of New York City was all of the lights and people in Time Square.

first taxi rideThe biggest adventure of the trip might very well have been the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel.  It was the first time any of us had been in a taxi and wow how they drive in the city!  On Sunday we rode the mega bus to Albany.  NYC gift shopThe most accurate description that anyone in New York gave us was, in New York you walk, stand in line, and eat, which was very true.  It was a trip of a lifetime giving us great memories and the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Green House Educator Program: Culture Change is a Journey

Last week, the 16 Eddy Village Green House homes graciously hosted 26 people from various parts of the country as they embarked on the week-long training through THE GREEN HOUSE® Project Educator program. The Educator program is a “train the trainer” program in which participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to return to their respective sites and provide their teams with the core education that is the foundation of the Green House model. 

The Educator program began in 2009 and the August 2013 Educator class was the largest in its history! Participants represented 9 different states including individuals from the first Green House homes in Tupelo, Mississippi. Other states represented were: Florida, New York, Wyoming, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Each day of the 5 day training had a dominant theme: Overview of the overarching Green House model philosophy & review of the 6 principles of Adult Learner Centered Education (Day 1), Effective Communication (Day 2), Roles & the Self-Managed Work Team (Day 3), The Elder (Day 4) and finally a synthesis of the week and creation of an Educator Code of Ethics (Day 5).

As a result of that diversity, it was a week filled with many thoughtful discussions and learning experiences…

  • “We are the glue that holds the house together in partnership with the elders”
  • “It’s not about your expectations, it’s about the elder’s expectations”
  • As Shahbazim, “We are the eyes, we see what others don’t see”
  • “As an administrator, I am used to knowing what to do…but after stepping back things started to happen. That’s what I’ll have to do in the Green House home”
  • “ You took the boredom away” (Elder, after participating in meaningful engagement with Educator participant)

This graduating class brings the number of Green House Educators nationwide to 113!  We look forward to watching the number of Educators continue to grow as they spread across the nation to light the way! 

Congratulations to all!

Please share your good wishes to this new team of graduates!