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The Green House Project joins a Panel of Innovators on Huff Post Live

Present Perfect, a documentary about the magic that can happen when a preschool is located within a nursing home, was the catalyst for a panel of innovators today on HuffPost Live’s #WhatsWorking series.  Susan Prov Mt St VinFrazier, Senior Director of The Green House Project, highlighted the power of creating real home and meaningful lives for elders through a normalized and integrated environment, “It is time to reframe the purposefulness of Elderhood, and as a society to recognize the beauty of each unique person.”

huffpost-liveShe was joined by Providence Mount St Vincent, Administrator, Charlene Boyd,  Art Therapist, Erin Partridge, and Present Perfect filmmaker, Evan Briggs.

To view the 30 minute discussion, CLICK HERE>>

Intergenerational Engagement at White Oaks Cottages

Charlene, a nurse at White Oaks Cottages, brings her daughter in to spend time with the elders.  In this video, Charlene shares two endearing stories about the joy that comes from real relationships between elders and children.  You are not going to want to miss these stories, they are guaranteed to bring smiles to your day.