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Green House Homes Are Coming to Ohio

On a cold day in mid-December, staff from Mennonite Memorial Home in Bluffton, Ohio gathered for a much anticipated Green House kick-off meeting.  Laura Voth, CEO, could hardly hold back her tears as staff shared how they were feeling about reaching this milestone.  “Because we have been at it for so long, it was so exciting,” she exclaimed.  “The kick-off meeting signifies that change is really coming and this is a very positive thing.”

Encountering several setbacks and obstacles throughout this journey has not deterred this organization from moving forward with their goal of building two Green House homes.  Although they already deliver excellent person-centered care, the Green House model further raises the bar. “It is a transformation from the old way of delivering care into a better way,” stated Voth.  Every time she drives by the homes under construction, the significance of the change strikes her.  The small size of the homes is drastically different from the larger buildings that so many are accustomed to seeing.  For staff and the Bluffton community at large, it is really sinking in that the Green House model is so different.