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PEAK Leadership Summit Will Converge Strategic Innovators

Wise Leadership is the Lifeblood of any Organization

To make real change in an organization, leaders must cast the vision for change and inspire others to join them on the journey. A culture change journey is one without a destination, and often has many twists and turns along the way and thought of implementing change in an organization can seem overwhelming.  The Green House® Project is a proven model and process that can provide the roadmap. The Green House Project is a national initiative to transform the lives of elders and those working closest to them

Research on this initiative shows that by changing the environment, philosophy and organizational design of skilled nursing care, a financially viable system is created where people living AND working in long term care are happier, healthier and feel a strong sense of purpose.

The LeadingAge PEAK Conference  in Washington, DC April 23-25, is a wonderful venue for organizational leaders to meet with The Green House team members, and learn more about how The Green House Project can amplify an organization’s mission through a comprehensive technical assistance package.  Please See Us at Booth # 702