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Nancy Fox to speak to the Imperative of Hope in Leadership

Nancy Fox is a nationally-recognized culture change consultant, and as a Green House adopter, we are especially delighted that she is going to be the closing plenary speaker at The 6th Annual Green House Meeting and Celebration. This event is exclusively for Green House organizations and serves as a venue for learning, networking and celebration!  Nancy’s long-term care career began in the 1980’s, serving at both the facility and regional levels.  Nancy served as the first Executive Director of The Eden Alternative. Nancy is a well-known speaker and educator and regularly conducts training on the Eden Alternative, Culture Change and Leadership. Her book, The Journey of a Lifetime: Leadership Pathways to Culture Change in Long-Term Care, was published in March, 2007. She currently oversees person-directed philosophy of care for Vivage Quality Health Partners.

Nancy believes that leadership is a behavior not a position. In fact, all leadership is volunteer work! Leaders bring hope into the world. In order to shift the leadership paradigm, we must work to redefine accountability. This is a challenge because, most of human behavior is driven by things happening on a sub-conscious level, and leadership requires self-awareness. At The Green House Annual Meeting, Nancy will distinguish between leadership in an institutional model and leadership in a person-directed model of care. Through this presentation, Green House adopters will be inspired to adopt new leadership behaviors.