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The Great Personal Alarm Toss…Minnesota Nursing Home has a goal to eliminate all personal alarms creating a better home for Elders

We’re all looking for better ways to impact the quality of life for our Elders and one home in Minnesota has decided to do something about environmental noise—more specifically personal alarms.

About 20% of Episcopal Church Home’s Elders in St. Paul, Minnesota have a personal alarm.  Like many of us, those alarms are usually in place because the Elder is a “high fall risk”.  However, when the staff began to do some research on alarms they learned that by having them it really doesn’t mean that there will be a decrease in the number of falls.  In fact, the alarms at their home increased the amount of noise, fear and confusion for the Elder and those around them. 

So, the team at Episcopal Church Homes has taken the bold innovative step to eliminate all personal alarms!  Read more about their research, decision and steps moving forward…then tell us what you think!