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First Community Initiated Green House Homes!

In a first for THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project (at least that we know of), resident research contributes to the adoption of The Green House model:

[Excerpts from The Thursday Flyer, a weekly newsletter of the residents of John Knox Village of Florida as published September 22, 2011] “In a landmark move to cement the position of John Knox Village as the premier state-of-the-art nursing home provider in the State of Florida, the JKV Board of Directors…voted to apply for membership in The Green House Project.  That motion, from an Ad-Hoc New Health Center Building Committee including ten members who are JKV residents, came before the Board with the unanimous approval of the Board’s Building Committee and Finance & Audit Committee, and passed the Board by near unanimity.

Board Chair Bill Knibloe pointed out that The Green House Project, with more than 100 homes open and functioning, has gained extensive experience operating in 27 states over the past seven years.  They are the only organization, Knibloe said, to have developed a comprehensive, time-tested model embodying the philosophy of person-directed care, a supportive building plan and a corresponding cost-effective staff reorganization model.  Rather than trying to “reinvent the wheel,” JKV will be better served by adopting the proven Green House model.

Board Member and prominent geriatric neurologist Dr. Murray Todd, who visited an operating Green House home in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier this year with Health Center Administrator Mark Rayner, Director of Nursing Christina Desposito and JKV resident Nancy Matthews, said all four had been impressed with what they saw and that he personally was convinced the Green House model was the way to go.  It is more like a real home than an institution.

Addressing the question of cost, Resident Board Member Norm Rasmussen cited extensive independent scholarly research showing that the costs of Green House construction and operation are on a par with those of other first-class skilled nursing facilities featuring all private rooms, as does the Green House model.  Resident Board Member John Thompson had spoken with the Health Center Administrator and CFO at a 5-star California CCRC operating, as does John Knox Village, with “Type-A” insurance-policy contracts and set to start construction of the first Green House homes  in California in a few months.  Both were enthusiastic about their project.  The Administrator praised in particular the skill of The Green House Project in negotiating their project’s approval through three demanding California state agencies.  The CFO said they would not raise monthly maintenance fees at all due to expected operating costs of Green House homes.”

The Green House Project is thrilled to be working with such a strong partnership of staff and residents.