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Green House Model Gains Traction as Providers See Payoff

This may very well be the right time for your organization to consider Green House homes.

In a recent post by Senior Housing News they highlighted THE GREEN HOUSE® Project as a way to revamp traditional nursing care, explored the return on investment for Green House homes, and discussed how some providers have adopted the model to address specific concerns in their state.

The physical environment of each Green House home is designed to transform the institutional nursing facility into a small, residential environment that is home to 10 to 12 elders.  Green house homes fit within the current regulatory and reimbursement structures, and are thus able to nurture people of all abilities, disabilities and financial circumstances.

The story explained that “As regulations mandated by the Affordable Care Act emphasize initiatives related to providing better patient experiences, better outcomes and at lower costs—especially considering the looming threat of hospital readmissions for SNFs beginning in 2019—a Green House model may be able to produce cost savings and operational efficiencies for SNFs.”

Read the entire story here and find out how The Green House model has been developed in different parts of the country.