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Growing The Green House Project With Social Media

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This week Green House Project founder Dr. Bill Thomas and ChangingAging Blogstream editor Kavan Peterson delivered a fantastic webinar to Green House Project adopters on the power of social media to drive culture change, strengthen community and support successful growth of the Green House model.

The Green House Project is proud to embrace social media tools to help our diverse community of Green House adopter organizations connect and share best practices. We’re especially excited by the potential for harnessing social media to empower elders to make their voices heard and share their stories and experiences living in Green House homes.

The Green House Project team will be working with Dr. Bill’s ChangingAging Blogstream to help all our adopter organizations connect through social media and blogging. In the coming days we will compile a list of all the ways you can connect and follow Green House adopters through their blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages on their journeys developing and operating Green House Project homes.

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Welcome to the Green House Project world of social networking!


Summer Call Series for Green House Adopters

This series of calls/webinars will highlight the major goals of our second Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, through a dialogue about major initiatives and how you can be involved

We are looking forward to the stimulating discussions, questions, stories and successful practices that will emerge from these conversations. Your feedback is welcomed, appreciated and necessary to make these connection outlets reach their highest potential.

Topics Include:
* Marketing: Utilizing the Blogstream to tell your story and market to your community
*Policy: Activating Green House Projects to advocate for Culture Change
*Finance: Dollars and Sense of The Green House Model, updated findings
*Project Management: Living the Brand and the Mission
*Tool Development: Equipping Green House Projects for Success
*Peer Network: Sustaining our Promise to the Model

For more information, contact your Project Guide!