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Stories of Love and Family from Boersma Cottage

While attending a Green House Conference, one of the main things that was discussed was “The Story”. The Story as they say has a beginning, middle, and an end, it can be a sad story, a happy story one with lots of twists and turns or it can be a very simple story. My story, or rather, our story, is all of the above and more.

At Boersma Cottage, The Green House home at Resthaven Care Community in Holland, MI, there is an Elder who lives with Muscular Dystrophy. Through his illness, he is confined to a scooter and he finds it hard to lift his head. It is a struggle every day for him to perform everyday tasks, yet it rarely slows him down. He has a son that struggles in his day to day life as well and is in need of a liver transplant. On a cold night in November, our Elder received a phone call that struck terror into His heart, as it would any parent. The call was to say that the Elder’s son was enroute to the hospital, and they didn’t know if he would pull through. Our Elder was upset, to say the least. The Nurse and the Shahbaz on duty instantly knew something terrible had happened and stepped up the plate to help. While trying to find out answers, we focused on the needs of the Elder, since he was worried sick, not just for his son, but also, his wife.

So we did what needed to be done even if it meant we were going to have to load him and his scooter up in the back of our Nurse’s pickup truck to get him to the hospital. We called to our legacy home and found our ever-willing Floor Man and asked him for a huge favor. We asked if he could please drive our Elder to the hospital so that he could be with His son and Wife? We had no sooner asked than he called his supervisor who said he could use the van to drive our Elder to the hospital. In less than 15 min our Elder was loaded up and on his way to the hospital. His wife was surprised as all get out when her husband came rolling into the hospital. She needed the support and our Elder got to be what he is, “the Man of the House”. Our Elder got to see his son whom he hadn’t been able to see in 4 months due to his son’s illness. He was able to reassure His wife and son and be with them in a great time of need. When our Elder arrived back home he was relieved and very happy. It was one of the very few times that we got to see our Elder smile.

I am proud to say that I am part of an amazing team that will do whatever it takes to be there for our Elders. Everyone was so willing to pitch in, everything worked smoothly, as if every move was pre-planned. Our Elder thanked us repeatedly for helping him, and each one of us told him the same thing, “We are a family and that’s what families do. God blessed us to be together and together we all are family. “

Our story is ongoing and I am sure there will be many more twists and turns, but to end this tale on a wonderful note , our Elder’s son did get his liver and is doing well. Thank you God.