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REGISTRATION for The Green House Educator Program: March 4-8, 2013

THE GREEN HOUSE® Educator Program is a highly interactive workshop available exclusively to Green House Educators. The program will be held at The Eddy Village Green, an operating Green House organization in Albany, NY.

Purpose: To prepare effective Green House Educators to teach the various Green House curricula

Learning Objectives: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and understand the content of The Green House education programs: The Green House Core Team Education, The Role of the Nurse, In-House Training (Lab Practicum), Culinary Training & ServSafe, EN-CORE/Peer Mentor Program
  • Understand the role of Green House Educators in implementing and sustaining the model
  • Describe The Green House values and essential practices through experiential learning in Green House homes
  • Describe how each curricula is designed to develop competencies for empowered self-managed work teams and coaching partners
  • Describe the likely characteristics of participants and explain how each curricula is designed to meet their learning needs and support effective team-building
  • Gather lessons-learned and successful teaching practices from experienced Green House Educators
  • Identify their own values related to their role as an educator/teacher/trainer
  • Identify their areas of strength and areas needing support in order to prepare and teach the Core Team Education curriculum effectively

There is no cost to Green House organizations to register. Some meals will be provided during the training, although other participants will be responsible for other expenses (ex. travel, hotel, remaining meals).

More logistics will be available upon registration (below). The deadline for registration is February 6, 2013.