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A Small-Scale Solution for Elder Housing and Care

With just 10-12 residents each, Green House homes provide elders with a real home coupled with loving and well trained team of care partners. In U.S. News Money, Philip Moeller examines The Green House model and finds that it offers “a terrific quality of life for seniors that is not beyond their financial reach.”

At Green House homes, the life and care in the home is managed by Shahbazim (certified nursing assistants with 220 hours of additional education) who partner their deep knowing of the elder with the professional expertise of nurses and other clinical team members to keep costs down while providing excellent care. Moeller explains:

Central to making Green House [homes] work, explains project director David Farrell, is that nearly all of the care is provided by certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Traditionally at or near the bottom of the nursing-home skills ladder, these CNAs receive special training to allow them to perform nearly all of the staffing and management tasks needed inside a Green House. This flat management structure can save a lot of money, Farrell notes, while empowering the people in a Green House who know the most about what its residents need.

Today, over half of all people aged 85 and older have some form of dementia. Studies predict that by 2050, up to 16 million will have the disease.   Dementia care costs the U.S. between $157 billion and $215 billion a year (RAND).  All Green House home residents—but especially those with dementia, who make up about three-fourths of all Green House residents—benefit from the model’s most innovative features.  With a growing need for Elder care, The Green House Project has almost 150 homes operating with another 120 homes in development. And the scaling efforts couldn’t come at a better time. Moeller writes:
Obamacare encourages care facilities that produce good health outcomes, and Green House Project facilities do so. Also, nursing home owners are faced with big modernization needs, and Farrell believes many of them will turn to Green House [homes] and other smaller-scale projects that are much more appealing to seniors than traditional nursing homes.
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