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Refreshed Green House Website Drives Demand

websiteThe Green House website is an important channel to inspire people about the potential of this model, and move them to action.  Our goal is to make The Green House model a reality in every community.   With over 5,000 visits per month, the website is a premier channel for healthcare providers, advocates, elders and family members, policy makers and other stakeholders to learn more about the value and differentiation of The Green House model.

This year, we refreshed the look and feel of the website in order to make it more accessible and communicate a stronger message about how we work with organizations to impact quality of life, quality of care and all at the same cost as the traditional model. The goals of this website refresh are to:
Emphasize the value of The Green House brand by honoring the “heart” of our mission, with a compelling business case that speaks to the “head.”
Optimize the experience on computer and mobile device by persona for health care providers, consumers, and strategic influencers (architects, media, advocates, etc.) with an ‘answer driven’ approach to maximize usability, and navigability.
Highlight the uniqueness of The Green House model, by leveraging testimonials from leaders in the field, case studies from current Green House adopters and data-driven studies that prove the business benefit of the model.

Through a crisp clear design and navigation, this website is optimized for the small screen, so that people can view our website on any device. The site is organized by persona and topic so that all stakeholders can find what they are looking for with less clicks. This site will increase awareness of The Green House model, and drive demand to make it an option in every community. Most importantly, it will create an extraordinary web experience. Visit us today at, and start exploring the possibilities.