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The 2015 Senior Games

With the 2014 Sochi Olympics well underway, all the focus is on the young athletes of the world coming together to compete in the XXII Olympic Winter Games. These athletes, who are in peak physical condition and at the top of their game, are rightly celebrated in their home countries for their strength, endurance and good sportsmanship. But they’re not the only ones going for gold! The 2015 National Senior Games are just around the corner!

The National Senior Games are “dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles for athletes age 50 and over,” and will be held in Minnesota, from July 3 – 16. Over 12,000 athletes, age 50 and up, are expected to compete. The heart of the organization’s mission is to promote meaningful life by helping you “Get Fit and Keep Going!” in order to “achieve a healthier body, as well as a healthier mind”

The documentary, Age of Champions, chronicles five athletes who “sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics.” Watch the trailer here. This movie sets out to teach the secrets behind healthy aging as well as promoting and inspiring a healthy lifestyle. In line with The Green House model, which “embraces elderhood as an opportunity for continued growth and development,” the Senior Games promotes “[being] healthy, happy, and fit to 100 and beyond, [encourages] seniors in your family to become more active, [staying] positive through an illness or loss of a loved one, [and sharing ideas] about aging, health, and fitness.”

So, as we gather together to cheer on Team USA at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, let us be inspired to compete in 2015. To get involved with the Senior Games in your state, click here. Everyone should go for gold!

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