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The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills

Rison, AR

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In February 2010, Summit Health Resources opened the second of their four planned Green House projects in Arkansas. The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills in the rural community of Rison is comprised of six 12-elder homes. Southern Hills cottages will replace a traditional, 50-year-old institution. This project has enjoyed wide community support, and Summit Health has three other Green House projects development in Arkansas.

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Sponsoring Organization History
Summit Health Resources, LLC, is dedicated to promoting a superior model of personalized care and quality of life for elders. With seven facilities and two under development, we are proud to exclusively serve Arkansas’ elder long-term care organizations that are committed to progressive, person-centered elder care. Our member facilities serve elders who need physical rehabilitation and/or complex nursing care. Highly qualified professionals provide compassionate care in beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities equipped to help elders achieve their highest level of health, well-being, and happiness. Comprehensive, intensive short-term therapy is available as well as long-term care for those seeking a home-like environment.

Sponsoring Organization Mission
Our Mission: To facilitate compassionate health care with clinical quality and service excellence at a dignified and respectful “home” environment for elders living at our member facilities.

Our Values: Embrace individuality; know the elder personally. Courtesy and respect. Compassionate and quality care. Team work. Service excellence.

Our Vision: To foster comprehensive growth for healthcare “excellence” in rehabilitation services and long-term care with an emphasis on measurably enhancing the quality of life for those served.

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The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills
7600 Highway 79
Rison, AR 71665