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THE GREEN HOUSE Project Cultivates Peer Network Association

The Peer Network Association, formerly called the Forum or Partner Site, is THE GREEN HOUSE® Project’s new online tool for sustaining the Green House model for years to come. The model is based on creating a supportive community that values positive elder hood, dignity and independence for older adults. The Peer Network Association is built on this very idea. At its core, the Association is meant to foster a supportive community of Green House adopters. It allows adopters and field expertsto foster the continued growth, evolution, and health of the Green House model and mission. The Peer Network provides a space where adopters can share successful practices and common challenges. The Association will work towards continuous quality improvement and will hopefully create a community of culture change enthusiasts and who will transform the field of aging permanently!


For more information on the Peer Network Association, e-mail Debby Burgett, Director of Peer Network Association.


4 thoughts on “THE GREEN HOUSE Project Cultivates Peer Network Association

  1. The response of the adopters has been awesome as they are so passionate about the continued success of THE GREEN HOUSE (R) Project! What a priviledge to be able to work with so many wonderful people!

  2. As a former estate planning attorney now engaged in a Masters in Health Care administration I have always been interested in alternatives to the standard options available to seniors who require assisted living. I luckily happened upon a short blurb about Dr Thomas and was inspired to reinvent my career. I am very interested in following through with this model in the North Carolina region. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Keith, Thank you for your interest in THE GREEN HOUSE (R) Project, and congratulations on your new found inspiration to reinvent your career. Dr. Thomas has certainly been an inspiration for me as well and so many other people. There are several ways to learn more about The Green House model and how it could serve elders in North Carolina. I recommend that you start with these steps to start your journey into the possibilities of developing Green House homes. If you haven’t already please take a close look at our website. Here you can request a DVD and a workbook that will provide you good content. In addition, you may attend a 1.5 hour webinar on line or attend an intensive workshop. You can register for a webinar or a workshop by accessing our home page at You will find on the front page a link to take you to the various webinars and workshops. Please keep me up to date as your journey progresses. Best Wishes, Debby Burgett, LNFA THE GREEN HOUSE (R) Project Peer Network Director

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