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The Green House Project Featured in USA Today, Plus Our Consumer Toolkit

The Green House Project was happy to lend its support to a new USA Today piece published today, entitled The Supplement on Alzheimer’s Disease. The story talks to Green House Project Director Robert Jenkens as part of an “expert panel” (on page 10 of the print version).

Click here for the web version of The Supplement on Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Green House model embodies principles that support elders living with dementia to have full and supported lives. To learn more about the model and to follow us please become a fan of The Green House Project on Facebook today. Find Green House homes in your state.

Finally, learn how to bring Green House homes to your community by downloading the The Green House Project Consumer Toolkit here.

3 thoughts on “The Green House Project Featured in USA Today, Plus Our Consumer Toolkit

  1. I find it sad that USA today would do an article like this without fully investigating what a scam the Green House projects really are. Talk about a waste of Medicare and Medicaid dollars!!!!

    1. Could you expand on your comment/opinion? This is the first negative comment I have seen regarding the Greenhouse Project, and I would be interested in hearing what you have to say to balance my perspective. Thanks!

  2. <My sister has been in Allison House in San Angelo TX three years today. I visit often. I am always impressed with the care the elders are given. There is never a nursing home smell; never a harsh word; never an unkempt residence. Just loving care, good food and much, much patience from the staff.

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