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The Green House Project Photo Contest

THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project’s photography contest was a huge success.  From planting flowers in a garden to whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, photographs illustrated how individuals living and working in Green House homes celebrate life.  Over the course of the summer, photographs and stories poured in exemplifying the core principles of the Green House model from meaningful engagement to the art of convivium. 

It was difficult to select just one winner.  However, the submission from THE GREEN HOUSE ® Homes at Green Hill in New Jersey truly captured how lives are not only celebrated, but changed in Green House homes. 

“This photo is of one of our elders that has lived at Green Hill for many years.  The young lady next to her is Maggie Frank.  Maggie has been the Activity Director at Green Hill for many years, leaving briefly to work at another community, then returning “home” to Green Hill.  She has recently stepped into the role of “Guide” for our second Green House Home that just opened a few weeks ago.  You really need to know Liz to fully appreciate this picture and how special it is to see Liz engaged in looking at that book.  Maggie recently went to Ohio to visit family.  Knowing that Liz was a native from Ohio, Maggie went to a local bookstore while out there and purchased a book about Ohio and the specific area that Liz was from.  Upon Maggie’s return,  she sat with Liz and went through the book.  It was so touching to hear that Liz remembered visiting the farms pictured in the book as a child.  Liz shared with Maggie many stories about her childhood and growing up in Ohio that were simply  triggered by familiar pictures in that book.  

I think this photo not only shows our elder during a special moment, but it’s a tribute to all the wonderful, exceptional,  caring people that work at Green Hill.  We ( the staff) at Green Hill are all drawn here out of our love for being part of  an intergenerational setting.  For many of us, it gives us our purpose in life.  What we get in return from being a part of Green Hill and from our elders  – is priceless.”  -Stephanie Roselle, Director of Admissions at Green Hill, Inc.

All the stories and photographs were shared at The 4th Annual Green House Project Meeting on September 8-9th.  Take a moment and explore all the wonderful things happening in Green House homes across the country!