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The Green House Project Welcomes New Team Members

The Green House Project welcomes two new team members!

We are so pleased to welcome Peer Network Director, Dan Klein, and Project Associate, Heather Marshall to our team!

Dan is joining the project from the New Hampshire Health Care Association, where he served as Assistant Executive Director. In this role, Dan was instrumental in areas of policy, communication, research, and advocacy. One of Dan’s achievements was to serve as the primary facilitator and advocate for Seniors Aid New Hampshire, a coalition of nursing home and assisted living community residents who lobby state and federal governments and raise money for charities.  In his role as The Green House Peer Network Director, Dan will facilitate and explore ways in which education, information, and accountability support project success.

He can be reached via e-mail at:

We also welcome Project Associate, Heather Marshall.  Heather’s education and experience will make her a valuable asset to the team.   As an intern at National Council on Aging (NCOA) , she participated in many creative, evidence-based solutions to the issues impacting elders.  This experience bolstered her opinion that sustainable solutions require education, support, and investment from the entire community. As a student at the Brown School of Social Work, she tailored her curriculum to focus on gerontology and more specifically, the mental health needs of older adults.  In addition to this coursework, a previous internship and subsequent work experience at Concord Adult Day Enrichment Services further developed her skills and passion for elders.  As a Project Associate, Heather will partner with a Project Guide to jointly support long-term care organizations interested in embracing the Green House model to improve the lives of elders. education.

Project Associate, Heather Marshall

Heather can be reached at:

2 thoughts on “The Green House Project Welcomes New Team Members

  1. I’m very interested in opening the first Green House in La. I love the Green House philosophy. I loved it so much I wrote my graduate research paper on it. My professor loved it. My dream is to open one in our community so our elders can live this experience. I have a home that could easily be renovated to turn it into a Green House. I just need some info and guidance to make this dream a reality. Thanks. Janice Penton

  2. Hi Janice–

    Thank you so much for your interest and shared passion for The Green House model. The best next step would be to register a workshop, the next one is this week actually, in San Angelo, Tx, or to register for an overview webinar on December 20. Both of these events are designed to give you in depth information on the model and the process for moving forward– please go to

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