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Veteran's Day Interview Project

    Veteran’s Day Interview

In honor of Veteran’s Day, The Green House Project would like to honor those who have served to protect our country and our freedom by collecting meaningful stories to honor their lives and contributions:

To participate in this project:
• Collect important information about who that veteran is (where they served, important life highlights)
• Conduct short interview with a veteran in your community or one who knows them well
• Share a photo/video with the veteran’s interview with The Green House Project (email Rachel,
• Present the story to your local media outlets

1) What makes you proud to be a veteran?
2) How would you describe a good day? How does The Green House Project support you in this (if applicable)?
3) What is a message you would like to share with future generations about veteran’s day?

    Tips for Contacting Local Media:

• Answer the question,”What makes this veteran and their story unique?”
• Connect story with current events (Veteran’s Day), and how this Human Interest Story will intrigue a wide audience
• Share how The Green House Project creates a unique opportunity for elders to live their best life (if applicable)
• Channels
       o Letter to the Editor
       o Blog Post
       o Meeting with Reporter

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