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Where Love Matters: 18 Minute Video

This video takes you into four open and operating Green House homes around the United States. All of these homes are licensed as skilled nursing facilities, and uphold The Green House principle of creating Real Home: elders are able to remain in The Green House home regardless of their physical, cognitive status, or their ability to pay.

While the best way to understand The Green House model is to visit a home, watching this video, is a great first step. This model transforms long term care by changing the environment, philosophy and organizational structure. To date, the results show, that this radical transformation positively impacts the lives of those who live and work there, and has the potential to change aging as we know it.

8 thoughts on “Where Love Matters: 18 Minute Video

  1. I love this whole concept and would like an opportunity to own and operate a green house in my community. Please send me more information and /or contact me with anything that may help to put one of these greenhouses up in Atlantic or Cape May County in New Jersey.

  2. This video made me cry out of happiness because this is what our elders and residents deserve! I want to be a part of this some day and with almost receiving my MBA in Healthcare, I know now, more than ever, where I need to go and do. Thank you for my AHA moment…

  3. I love this concept. Finally there is a place that our beloved elders can live with dignity and the respect they deserve. My father lives in Thousand Oaks California and I live in Fairfax Virginia. I am very interested in any information you can share with me about Green Houses in either of these two areas.
    Very Interested,

    Shauna Severo

  4. This is a wonderful model for elder care. It seems that the shahbazin feel some passion, a calling to work with the elderly, that inspires their care for the residents. I wonder if the same is true for the doctors and nurses who have to take on a different role because of the organizational structure. I would like more information on the financial operations of Green Homes.

  5. I enjoyed the video, it gives me hope that things in long term care will finally change. Years ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend an Eden Seminar & it changed my life forever as did reading the book “The Journey of Lifetime”, by Nancy Fox. Finding Dr. Thomas has taught my so much & again has given me hope that culture will change in long term care. I have been a nurse & worked in a skilled nursing home for over fifteen years. We had become Eden-ized & moved from our sixty four bed facility to a beautiful new facility with eighty-four beds, nestled in the pristine dunes of western michigan. The Eden prinicples were not iniated, the facility remains a sterile, cold, regimented & sad. It is so disheartening to be a nurse, to want to help others achieve some comfort, happiness & dignity. Yet you struggle as a patient advocate to meet those needs because of bureaucracy that increases the workload, does not listen to its employees, residents or families. I heard about the Green House Project on the Eden e-mails I receive. I thankyou for trying to make a difference & bringing the plight of our elders. Like Emma Williams in your video I felt working with the elderly was & is an honour and privledge. LOVE DOES MATTER

  6. My mother’s friends all talk about moving into her house as they age. ( it is a great space). Knowing I have a backgpround in long term care and a love for gardening, she is asking that I build an environment for her friends and others.

  7. I want to use the 18 minute video with my Administrator Training on June 13, 2012. I had one and it has been misplaced. Can you help me? (405) 818-8744 or mail to Linda K. Holman – 2217 Berryhill Court – Edmond, OK 73034

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