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White Oak Cottages at Fox Hill Village Opens Their First Green House Assisted Living Home






Located on the Fox Hill campus in Westwood, Massachusetts, the White Oak Cottages Green House homes are a new concept in assisted living memory care.  “The White Oak Cottages are homes where people want to live and work,” states Christopher Warner, Guide. “And where all are protected, sustained, and nurtured.”  Protect, sustain and nurture, three simple words, are driving a national effort to reframe the way we care for our Elders. 

The White Oaks Cottages will open their first Green House assisted living home this month.  The combination of environmental changes, such as private rooms with an abundance of light and an organizational philosophy built on autonomy and choice, will support the special needs of individuals with dementia.  “When a person enters a White Oak Cottage home,” continues Mr. Warner “we focus on what is possible and positive within each individual.”  The Green House Project is honored to partner with and celebrate the success of an organization that truly embraces and exemplifies those three essential words.  

Click here to find out more information about the White Oak Cottages.

One thought on “White Oak Cottages at Fox Hill Village Opens Their First Green House Assisted Living Home

  1. This is exactly what I want for my mother who is living in Gresham Oregon in a care facility. This is what I want for all our elders suffereing from dementia. My mother is poor, though, and all her care is covered by Medicare/Medicaid. She recieves her housing and medical care from Providence Eldercare which has a hit and miss history of providing substantial services. Is there anything in the Portland area that is similar to the White Oak Cottages that my mother would be eligible for? Other than her dementia and spinal stenosis she is sharp, an artist and completely out of place where she is currently living.

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