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Why I Love My Job…

Shahbaz Sarah Hoffman from The Green House homes at Lebanon Valley Brethren Home shares why she truly loves her position: 

Every Thursday in the Legacy building of our facility, they have bible study. As the elders are filing into the area, we have a pianist playing prelude, often one of our independent living volunteers. For various reasons our regular pianists could not make it yesterday, so activities’ staff asked one of our green house elders if she’d be interested. She agreed, but as it came time to head down, she expressed some reservation about not knowing what to play. I reassured her to just play from her heart.  I assisted her to the piano, adjusting the bench to her liking. For nearly half an hour, without any sheet music she began playing. And then started singing. I watched from the sidelines as her entire face lit up…she was beaming, proudly playing hymns she’d grown up with. The room began singing along with her…it was truly a beautiful moment. A couple of hymns were requested from the audience that she didn’t remember right away. I sang the first line and she picked it up and ran with it!
Sure, there may have been a few missed notes along the way and she may have played a couple hymns twice or thrown in a non hymn here and there…but in that moment, at that piano, she was THRIVING.

And my heart was smiling.

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